Mexico Honeymoon: Ryan and Brittanie Weinhaus

Teresa from Honeymoon Islands has been Amazing since we first worked with her a couple years ago! We found her through a family member who used her to help plan their destination wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico. As I was on my way to said destination wedding all by myself, my flight was delayed for half a day. Needless to say, I was very upset since I was only already going to be in Mexico for less than 48 hours anyways. Teresa talked to me the whole time I was delayed at the airport, helped cam down, searched for alternate flights, etc. I felt like she really had my back and was going above and beyond to help me out—and she wasn't even technically my travel agent at the time! So when it came time to start thinking about my own honeymoon, naturally my husband and I contacted Teresa. She was always quick to respond and she listened to what we wanted for our ideal honeymoon and roughly how much we were wanting to spend. She then gave us 4 or 5 great options, so as not to overwhelm us. We had tons of questions about each of the options so we could best choose what fit us, and she always answered them thoroughly, honestly, and in a timely manner. My husband and I ended up staying at the all-inclusive Excellence Resort in Playa Mujeres, Mexico (about 30 minutes outside of Cancun) for 8 days, and it was a dream honeymoon! From the friendly staff and service to the delicious food and wide variety of activities/excursions offered, everything was impeccable! We are already talking about going back for our anniversary at some point, and when we do, we will be calling up Teresa!

Ryan and Brittanie Weinhaus, Chicago IL, USA

Caribbean Honeymoon: Joe & Krista Weisser

Amazing, quality and personalized travel itinerary you will not get on any travel website. Teresa made our honeymoon dreams come true! I was not an easy bride to work with, our honeymoon was something I dreamed of since the day we got engaged and in my mind it needed to be "perfect" even though I had no idea what that meant. I was indecisive and confused and didn’t know where to start.

From the minute my inquiry went out Teresa responded quickly, addressed every question of ours and even set aside time to have a phone date so she could hear our voices and become more personal. She was SO patient, worked with us for almost a year through phone calls and emails helping us sort through the Caribbean, Greece, Bora Bora etc..Always keeping in mind "who we were" and what we liked, respecting our budget and also helping us see the big picture at times.

Our honeymoon was island hopping and she helped us plan every detail to perfection. I will dream about our honeymoon for the rest of my life. Teresa also became a voice of reason at times by saying, “You have your whole life in front of you to explore the world”. Things you forget when honing in on too many details. I HIGHLY recommend leaving your trust in her hands, she will never steer you wrong. She has been all over and only knows the best of the best! Thank you Teresa from the bottom of our hearts. We LOVE you!

Joe & Krista Weisser, Seattle, WA

Bali Honeymoon - Stephen & Michelle Nemeth

Bali Honeymoon

Teresa helped us plan the perfect honeymoon! She responded quickly to our initial inquiry and was super friendly. She booked us on flights to Beijing and Bali that were cheaper than we were seeing online, and we didn't have to go through the hassle of looking at different options, layovers, and prices. She gave us a long list of adventures to choose from, that we booked ahead of time. It felt absolutely amazing to have every detail of our honeymoon booked so far in advance, so I could spend the remaining months planning the rest of the wedding. Our adventures (whitewater rafting, volcano hike for sunset, and temple tours) were absolutely amazing. Every ride to/from the airport, hotels, adventures was taken care of which was so nice. They were also very flexible, letting us add the elephant safari park just the day before. We absolutely loved the hotels that Teresa recommended in Bali. She was also super responsive. When we were in Beijing, trying to check into our flight to Bali (the next morning) and the online check-in wasn't working, we emailed her to make sure everything was in order. Teresa called the airline to inquire, and turns out you can't check-in online from China, but her quick response was really appreciated and we traveled stress-free. I would highly recommend using Honeymoon Islands! Our honeymoon was absolutely perfect!!

Stephen & Michelle Nemeth, Virginia USA

Tahiti Honeymoon - Erin & Peter Wolf

I had the most wonderful experience with Teresa. She perfectly planned our honeymoon in Moorea and Bora Bora for us. I found her through wonderful online reviews and had never used an internet-based travel agency before. I am so glad I did because we had the best time. Everything she had control over was perfect and I am so so happy with all of her recommendations - from hotels to room choices to where to spend the money on upgrades. It is a once (mayyyybe twice) in a lifetime trip and booking with Honeymoon Islands will ensure your travel arrangements are flawlessly planned. Thank you so much, Teresa!

Erin & Peter Wolf, Chicago Il

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