Santorini Vacations

The enchanting island of the Southern Aegean Sea is a miracle. A blessed site of incredible beauty, created by the most terrifying and violent disaster in nature. Its wild beauty, unique architecture, black and red beaches, its 3,500 years old archaeological site at Akrotiri, its famous wineries and its dramatically aesthetic sunsets attract visitors to this tiny island from all over the world. Santorini is perhaps the most stunning landscape the world has to offer.

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Andronis Luxury Suites
Astra Suites
Canaves Oia Suites
Grace Santorini
Kirini Suites and Spa
Mystique, A Luxury Collection Hotel
Perovpas Traditional Houses
The Tsitouras Collection
Vedema Resort, A Luxury Collection Resort
Vedema Resort
Popular Things to Do
  • Breathtaking caldera and dark sandy beaches are the legacy of its ancient volcanic birth.
  • Explore its quaint villages.
  • Visit archeological sites



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