Elite Services

In today’s Internet-savvy world, many people choose to take control of their travel plans. And we’ve all heard the horror stories – undisclosed travel times, the luxury hotel suite that was anything but luxury or the lackluster tour guide. Some travelers like the risk and “adventure” of do-it-yourself traveling. But, the more discerning traveler knows to let a travel specialist do what they do best.

A travel specialist is your advocate; someone who is accountable for the time and money you are investing. Your travel specialist works for you, not for hotels, cruise lines or airlines.

Honeymoon Islands provides discerning travelers with increased value and unparalleled choices that you won’t find anywhere else and the most experienced and knowledgeable travel advisors in the industry. Unlike most travel agencies, we exceed expectations by creating exclusive itineraries that are truly inspired and tailor made for you. By taking the time to get to know your individual desires and preferences, we are able to design vacations that offer you the greatest access. We invite you to explore our web site and contact us so we can show you the difference between a nice trip and an unforgettable experience.