Private Jet Rentals

Private Jet Destinations. It's not where you go. It's how you get there that defines luxury.
Honeymoon Islands has teamed up with North Star Charter (NSC). Allow us to help you get there safe, on time, and in the true essence of luxury travel. No matter where you are or where you are going, we are able to accommodate your request. We are proud of having access to some of the most incredible and unique private jets. This means uncomparable access to private jets within a few hours notice, access to any destination in the world, with a company you can trust.

To further assist you with your next travel plans, we recommend that you contact us and have one of our experienced Travel Specialists help you. Our Travel Specialist can help you create incredible and memorable vacation packages for you, your family, and your friends. With over 30 years experience in domestic and international travel, leisure or corporate, our Travel Specialist define the essence of travel; exclusive, fun, creative, exciting, and most of all...unforgettable.

Why private jet charter?
It's safe, reliable and convenient. Travel via private jet provides you access to over 6,000 airports worldwide. With this access you can travel closer to your destination, saving you time and money. Private jet charter aircraft are also newer. You'll be flying on some of the safest and most technological advanced mediums of transport. Commercial aircraft are typically over 20 years old. Other advantages to private jet charter exists no where else. Things like traveling on your schedule and not someone else’s, avoid spending at least 3 hours per flight in security lines, check-in or at baggage claim, and most importantly you travel with whom you know not strangers.

In today’s era, we are in a constant battle to protect our immune system. Chartering a private jet will minimize those battles. All aircraft have superior air filtration systems in comparison to commercial aircraft.

Use it when it makes sense. Jet Charter can be costly when not utilized properly. Here are a few reasons why and where you should jet charter for leisure or corporate travel.

  • If you, your family or business executives normally fly first class then it fair to say that in groups you will make private jet charter flights more enticing. Sharing a jet with your family, friends and business executives can drastically reduce the per passenger flight cost. Jet Charter will still be more costly however the advantages stated above are worth the additional cost.
  • Traveling from large cities are ideal for charter flights. Either for leisure or corporate travel, getting closer to your destination can save you a few hours on the entire trip. The likelihood is that there are smaller airports closer to your final destination. Ask you Charter Aviation Manager about your options.
  • Jet Charter can done on turbo props, light, medium, heavy, extended range jets. NSCJETS provides you with the greatest number of options for your itinerary. We know which private jet will ensure that your flight experience is unforgettable and at your budget.
  • Traveling with the family on that once a year vacation, we'll there is no safer and more convenient method of travel than a jet charter. Personalized and dedicated to serving everyone aboard. Relax aboard with luxurious seating and amenities not found anywhere else.
  • Save time and receive the highest level of service, security and professionalism. From the time you call to the moment you arrive at your destination, you'll know that you have just rewarded your family with the travel industry most prominent and preferred supplier of jet charter.
  • Flexibility

You are never locked into using the same class of private jet or private jet service. Depending on the details of your charter flight, our private jet aviation consultants will recommend the class of aircraft best suited for your private charter itinerary. You have access to over 5,000 private jets and airports worldwide and may use as many private jets as you need, anywhere, anytime.

Private jets for charter
Private Jets are available worldwide. You can charter a private jet anytime, anywhere within a few hours notice. Just call us at 703-753-8115 with your itinerary. We'll take care of all your travel needs.

For additional information, please feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or simply fill out the Estimate form.