Egypt Vacations

Egypt’s life-giving river holds a multitude of wonders waiting to be discovered. Be in awe of the colossal temple of Abu Simbel, as the morning light gilds the ancient stones, while on the Nile a boatman guides an elegant felucca into the current. Savor the profound silence that inhabits the greatest monuments of ancient Egypt—the immensity of the pyramids, the magnificent Valley of the Kings, the enigmatic Sphinx. Their history is told in the life-giving waters of the Nile as it runs from Lake Victoria in Uganda to the Mediterranean. Walk the same streets as travelers of old in Cairo, and be astounded by the city’s fabulous mosques, fascinating museums, and fabled markets buzzing with electricity. Wander through the teeming streets of Cairo and revel in absolute luxury in your Presidential Suite aboard the most elegant ship on the Nile.

Sample Itinerary:

Days 1 – 4
Cairo, Memphis & Sakkara, Egypt
Description: Upon arrival in Cairo on Day 2, settle into a Nile-view room at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza. Explore the treasures of the Egyptian Museum, including the stupendous Tutankhamen collection and the Mummies Room. Admire the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid of Giza, the last survivor of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Enjoy prime seating at the Pyramids Sound and Light Show, which reenacts the history and the glory of the Pharaohs.
Hotel: Four Seasons Nile Plaza, Cairo

Days 5 – 8
Aswan, Abu Simbel & Nile Cruise
Description: Fly to Aswan and Abu Simbel to explore a 3,300-year-old temple built by Ramses II. Originally carved into a hillside facing the Nile, the imposing monument was famously rescued from the rising waters of the Aswan Dam. Settle into your luxurious Presidential Suite aboard the MS Sonesta St. George I or II for an unforgettable four-day cruise through the glories of ancient Egypt. Enjoy a boat excursion to the island temple of Philae, and take in a spectacular sound and light show. Visit the beautifully preserved sandstone Temple of Horus, one of the finest examples of Ptolemaic art in Egypt. In Luxor, you’ll have the chance to visit the Valley of the Kings, famous for its royal tombs. For over five hundred years, the kings of the New Kingdom were buried in this valley, making it the world’s most magnificent burial ground.
Hotel: Mövenpick Hotel, Aswan; M/S Sonesta St. George I or II

Day 9

Location: Luxor
Description: After disembarking in Luxor, take a horse carriage ride to visit the incredible Luxor Museum. Your accommodations are in the elegant Sonesta St. George Hotel in deluxe rooms overlooking the Nile.
Hotel: Sonesta St. George Hotel, Luxor

Days 10 – 12
Description: The final stop on this magical journey, Cairo, is a fusion of old and new — where modern skyscrapers and ancient monuments stand side-by-side with features of Islamic, Christian, Coptic and Jewish cultures. Stay at the Four Seasons Hotel at The First Residence, a gracious sanctuary on the west bank of the Nile with impressive views of the pyramids. Explore the famous Khan El Khalili Souk, largely unchanged since the 14th century, and wander through small, narrow alleys lined with old shops. You will return home with treasured memories of this grand journey into the past.
Hotel: Four Seasons Hotel at the First Residence, Cairo

Customize Your Trip
With a little extra time for planning, costing and reservations, we can create a unique, custom-designed independent itinerary just for you. Travel solo, with that special person or with family and friends, or as a group. Simply contact us today and start planning your next extraordinary adventure.