South Pacific Vacations

When couples dream of a romantic retreat, many imagine the waters and beaches of the South Pacific. This is truly paradise. It is a place to escape the world to a calm atmosphere where relaxing, sun-bathing, watersports and dining are the primary goals. Many island chains are included in the South Pacific, such as French Polynesia, often referred to as Tahiti, Fiji Islands, Cook Islands, Tonga, Samoa, New Zealand, and Australia. The two main destinations most romantics seek are French Polynesia aka Tahiti and Fiji. Both sets of islands have many resorts from which to choose. The more private and remote a resort or island is, the more expense it will be.

Popular Things to Do
  • Scuba Dive - Fiji is renowned as “The Soft Coral Capital of the World” and is also home to the “Great Astrolabe Reef”, Shore dive, night dive, resort dive, wreck dive or cave dive. Our moderate water temperature makes for year-round diving and the visibility is a photographers dream. With over 4000 square miles of coral reef, Fiji offers divers unparalleled marine biodiversity.
  • Snorkeling and scuba diving -The South Pacific has an abundance of fantastic snorkeling and diving locations. Fiji is famous for having the most colorful coral in the world and mixed with the diverse sea life, you can't go wrong with snorkeling in Fiji & Tahiti.
  • Star gazing – If you are looking for a low-key experience in the evening just relaxing by the sounds of the crashing ocean and moonlit night then the South Pacific is the place to be. Active, lively nightlife does not exist here. It’s all about reconnecting with your soul.
  • Overwater Bungalows – Feed the coral fish at your doorstep while sleeping above soothing lagoon waters in French Polynesia.
  • Pamper – Enjoy a relaxing massage in the many spas offered in the luxury resorts throughout the South Pacific.
  • Seclusion - Intimate resorts, small peaceful villages, and miles of quiet pristine beaches explain why The South Pacific is ranked #1 in the world for "alone time."