Seychelles Vacations

A tropical paradise of pristine beaches and magnificent natural wonders, the Seychelles inspire a sense of castaway seclusion and adventure. Located near the East African coast, just north of Madagascar, the Seychelles form an archipelago of 115 islands, scattered across the Indian Ocean. First settled by the French in 1770, the islands still feel undiscovered and only about 20 are inhabited. The Seychelles have no indigenous population and today they display a vibrant ethnic diversity – with the largest groups being of French, African, Indian and Chinese descent. A strong French Creole influence is evident in culture, custom and cuisine. The official languages are French and English, along with Seychellois Creole.

Protected land- and seascapes are home to unique-on-the-planet plant and marine life – with more than 1,000 recorded species of fish, a massive seabird colony, and the largest population of giant tortoises outside the Galapagos. Thrilling water sports and jungle exploration give a sense of Robinson Crusoe-style adventure and discovery. Of special note: the time zone of the Seychelles is just four hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time – causing minimal jet lag when arriving from European and Asian cities.

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