Velaa Private Island Maldives


Velaa Private Islands’ villas, houses and residencesare beautiful, pampering and give a true sense of place. The diningis divine, with three restaurants, two bars, a wine cellar and the largest champagne collection in the Maldives. And the activitiesare varied and numerous, from motorized water sports like over-water hoverboards and a submarine, to a 9-hole golf course and Golf Academy by Olazabal, and covered tennis courts to name just a few. The spa is a big pull, with the first and only “snow room” in the Maldives and six over water treatment villas.

Surpassing the luxury moniker on its way to downright dreamy, Velaa Private Island is that special brand of ultra-select yet warm and welcoming – it is, quite simply, the Maldives’ most exclusive and private of resorts.

Velaa was created to embody the very best of the Maldivian archipelago, its culture and its breathtaking natural beauty – as well as the countless land and water activities available to those who make the journey to the islands. While the Maldives is home to many private islands, very few are owned by one passionate person – yet Velaa is one such case. The visionary behind Velaa had long visited the Maldives and wished for his own private island where he could curate an incredible guest experience, just as he imagined for himself. Today, with azure skies stretching to the horizon over aquamarine waters, Velaa treats its guests like royalty and allows privacy and comfort to take center stage.

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