Real Honeymoons - Nick and Jessica venture to St. Barths Luxurious Eden Rock

Eden Rock Hotel St. Barths

Getting to St. Barths is no easy feat but celebrities and luxury travelers young and old will all rave, "IT IS WORTH IT!"  We whole heartedly agreed and hopped the jet to Miami then to St. Marteen, and finally onto a twelve-seater hopper plane over to the small Island of St. Barths.  The plane ride is very exciting and adds to the adventure of getting away.  Upon arrival we were welcomed by the Eden Rock Hotel staff on the sprawling terrace ocean front with views of the luxurious yachts below. We were led to our Garden Cottage where a welcome bottle of champagne and the YUMMIEST sandwiches ever awaited our parched little bodies.  

Ready to jump into the lap of luxury we climbed the stairs to the rock restaurant where we feasted on sushi (our favorite was the crispy rice and tuna).  Jean George's sushi bites are divine when paired with some of their amazing cocktails (their cucumber spritz is beyond imagination). Then it was back to the cottage where our Wedding feet were put to rest and we truly - slept. 

I love the first morning of vacation - waking up in paradise you can't help but smile all day.  I think Nick and my jaws hurt from smiling bliss.  We spent the day at the resort where the beach staff helps you pick out your own VIP seats which will be reserved for you for the week.  We took advantage of the complimentary beach toys and kayaked in the afternoon. There was a beautiful jellyfish show out past the rocks! One of our favorite dinners in St. Barths was at the Hideaway which the locals call Andy's place as the owner Andy, is a wonderful Brittish man who spoils you with good cheap eats.  The truffle pizza is wood fired and tastes like a Parisian delight.  After dinner he brings you vanilla rum that lights up your hearts with warm love. 

The concierge helped us set up an adventure to jetski around the entire island.  We loved every second of that thrilling adventure.  The beauty we saw that day will never be forgotten.  You see all of Gustavia, a spectactular view of Colombe beach where you can often see dolphins!  Towards the end you get a real thrill riding through the locals "washing machine," where you will have to master your jetski skills!  Our guides were French X game competitors who could honestly do tricks and flips on the waves.  It was thrilling!  That night we had our favorite car driver - Sebastian take us to the raved of Bagatelle (there is one in Vegas and LA and we'd always heard this one was the best)!  The restaurant is lined with bottles of Crystal, Dom, and every luxury champagne you've ever dreamt of.  The DJ was the best on the island and we ate and partied with the staff.  We stumbled over to the famous Yacht Club to party after but found it better at Bagatelle.  St. Barths undoubtedly has the best DJ's of any honeymoon location.  If you love house music you will love this!

Each night you come home to the best homemade macaroons on our pillows.  My favorite was the vanilla mocha pictured - deeeeee-light!

Spending the days on the beach gulping down bottles of Rose, Lobster Salads, good books and dreams of our future together was the best time of our lives!!

The island recommends you check out the night life - which is one of the main reasons we went!!  Le Ti is frequented by celebrities like Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise, and every model in New York and Miami.  This hot spot has live burlesque shows Friday and Saturday.  They provide costumes and wigs for you and we partied hard here.  They let the French bring their pups to this loud scene - which we loved!  Nick made friends with the bunny.

We ventured past Gustavia one day with our new German friends to hike to Lower Colombier Beach which boasts big waves and possible dolphin sitings - not to mention a great lunch promised after at Isle de France!!!  The hike is S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!!  We enjoyed the pool after lunch and stayed for sunset. 

Our last night we became extremely sentimental about the amazing vacation we were given.  We thanked all there, wrote our names in the sand, and had a romantic "last meal."  We told the staff we wanted Jean George's Ginger Rice to be featured on "THE BEST THING I EVER ATE" on the food network to which they laughed at our American over the top TV.  We loved the lamb and lobster - salivating just looking at it again.  

Back on our flight to Winair we left with full hearts.  Thank you St. Barths and Honeymoon Islands for helping us have the best Honeymoon EVER!!!

PS...I should mention our favorite French Goods!  #1: We adore this romantic and skin quenching oil - it can be bought on the island and is divine.  It will forever smell like St. Barths to me!  Belous P Colombe  #2:  Yacht Wear!  We thought we were most likely to wear these St. Barth's cute sweatshirts and apparel once home in Seattle.  FREE St Barths.