Keeping Up With Shannon Eileen - Real Honeymoon - Part One - Viceroy

Riviera Maya Mexico and Belize – Henry & Shannon Shafton















Do you remember I posted a blog in August about singer, songwriter, wedding blogger Shannon Eileen called  "Keeping up with Shannon Eileen"  She and her new hubby (Hal) have just returned from their two week honeymoon in Mexico and Belize and I would like to share her honeymoon experience with you so I've taken excerpts from her blog Happiness Is... Shannon & Henry (aka: Hal) went to Viceroy Riviera Maya Mexico, Coqui Coqui in Tulum Mexico and Blancaneaux Lodge and Turtle Inn both in Belize.
















Our honeymoon journey begins in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. After getting hitched, we boarded a red-eye the very next day. To say we were exhausted would be an understatement. Once we arrived in Cancun, Hal found his name in the crowd. I've always wondered who those people are who get greeted with a sign. Cool people like us apparently.



We were shuttled to the Viceroy, welcomed with cool wet towels and milky lemongrass drinks, then escorted to our villa…It was divine. A private pool, an outdoor shower, and a hammock. What more could you ask for? Hal carried me over the threshold. We were giddy and sleepy so we both passed out.

After nap time, we showered and set off to explore. Along the jungle path, we spotted our first iguana. The peaceful smell of incense led us onward. We reached the spa and were asked to face each other and close our eyes while a shaman blessed our marriage. We meandered down the path to the beach and found a special surprise waiting for us there.

... We emerged from the jungle and a private palapa was set up for us on the beach. We sat down with smiles, dug our toes in the sand, and drooled over the menu. It had our name printed right on it! Props to Chef Jetzabel Rojas, our meal was out of this world. I had the best jicama salad and chile relleno of my life. It was also the most expensive meal of my life, but you try to ignore those sorts of things on your honeymoon. The food, service, ambiance, and company were worth the price, one hundred percent.

It was now dark, so we walked back through the winding jungle path to find our room. Inside our villa, was another glorious surprise. The floor was littered with flickering candles and a heart of rose petals on the bed.

After a breakfast of fresh fruit and Mexican pastries the next morning, we parked ourselves on the beach to chill, read, nap, sip, dip, repeat.

Then it was time for a couple's massage. We chose the Poesia Del Mar (Poetry from the Ocean) treatment that takes place at the end of the dock. Heavenly. And the jet skiiers got a nice peep show. The breeze kept blowing our towels off!

We were itching to hit the town and experience real Mexico outside of the Viceroy bliss bubble. So we took a cab to Playa Del Carmen. There's one long strip of shops, bars and restaurants and we sat down at the first place with a "cheap cerveza" sign.

On our last day at Viceroy, the breakfast servers sent us off in style. A taxi drove us to our next destination, Tulum

To be continued…