Real Honeymoon – Costa Rica – Mr. & Mrs. Rogers

Our honeymoon to Costa Rica was great! Both hotels (El Silencio and Four Seasons Costa Rica) were amazing, totally different, but a great compliment if you're looking to see a little of both sides of Costa Rica. 

El Silencio Costa Rica

El Silencio

El Silencio was so relaxing, and I think we were one of only a few couples there for the first few days so it was also very quiet and private.  Since it wasn't crowded when we got there, they made sure that we got one of the rooms with the best view.  The food there was amazing; we could have eaten the trout tartar for every meal of the trip!  Since it was the start of rainy season (June), we tried to do most of the activities in the day and then we would just hang out around the room reading or go to the spa in the afternoon.  The rain usually didn't start until after 1:00 or 2:00 though. 

Costa Rica Thermal Springs

The hotel and the grounds were amazing; I don't think we've ever seen so many trees in one place.  The hiking trails were also nice, and they even put in zip lines so we were able to do that also.  We squeezed in a few excursions while we were there, we did a coffee tour one morning and a trip to Arenal and the hot springs another day.  All of the excursions we did were basically private, so you had an English speaking driver to customize it based on what you're looking for.  Both were great and we learned a lot about the area since we had someone to ask questions to on the way there and back (one guide even did several monkey calls for us on the visit to Arenal to help us find some monkeys on the hike - and it worked).  Everyone at the hotel was so helpful and accommodating, and on the last night they even treated us to a complimentary private dinner at the spa (on their yoga deck) with a private chef who cooked for us table side.  It was a great end to the stay there. 

Four Seasons Costa Rica Beach

Four Seasons Costa Rica

Since El Silencio was pretty quiet (hence the name) we were excited to get to the Four Seasons for the second half of the trip and have a little more action and stuff going on around us.  I'd say the order of where we went first was perfect though considering how tired we were after the wedding.  We loved the Four Seasons as expected!  The service was great and there were so many different things spread out on the property.  I don't think I've ever been treated so well laying out by the pool either!  We mostly laid out and enjoyed the sunny weather there, we didn't get too much rain there which was nice.  I did make a trip to the spa which was great, and even took a spinning class with a view of the beach one day.  We did one excursion on a catamaran and went to some private beaches and did some snorkeling.  The excursion wasn't completely private but it was just us and one family on the boat so it was pretty close to it.

Four Seasons Costa Rica Golf

We aren't golfers so we also took a tour of the golf course on golf carts and I'd recommend this to anyone who goes there and doesn't golf.  The course was beautiful and we saw so many monkeys, some even walked right up to the carts at the beginning of the course. Thanks Honeymoon Islands for planning this for us!

Randy and Stephanie Rogers

Randy and Stephanie Rogers - Chicago, IL USA