Top 5 Destination Wedding/Honeymoon Travel Tips for Brides

As a bride packing your bags anticipating a deluxe destination wedding or tropical honeymoon retreat, the last thing on your mind is name change. However, TSA, airline carriers, resorts and many U.S. government offices take the name on your travel documents versus your actual legal name very seriously.

No need to stress about your new name and travel arrangements. Following these five top travel tips will ensure smooth passage to your destination and a headache-free start to married life!

1. Maiden Voyage
If your honeymoon is right after your wedding, be sure to book all travel tickets and rooms in your maiden name! The State Department takes 5-6 weeks to issue new passports and the DMV will not issue a new license without your certified marriage certificate.

2. Insurance Assurance
Worried that you or your spouse will use the wrong name as you plan? Travel insurance will allow you to correct any name mistakes without incurring change fees.

3. Destination Due Diligence
Saying “I do” abroad? Make sure that your marriage certificate will be accepted by U.S. government agencies. A quick call to the head Social Security office at 800.772.1213 is all it takes!

4. More Por Favor
 Request 2-3 certified copies of your marriage certificate in English. This ensures that you won’t lose your only copy, and saves you the headache associated with international calls to request additional copies once you’re back in the U.S.

5. Save Time & Stress
Go from Miss to Mrs. in a matter of minutes with  easy online name change service! They’ll auto-complete all of the necessary name change paperwork in 30 minutes.

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