St. Barthelemy - Sirikulbut Honeymoon

Honeymoon Islands was the perfect resource for us to book our honeymoon. After doing quite a bit of research on our own we felt we knew the BEST resorts to choose from at St. Barths but didn't know if we were ready to do it financially. Honeymoon Islands helped us find the BEST deal on the Island and even worked to get us an upgrade while at Eden Rock! This resort is the finest and because of their relationship with Honeymoon Islands they go above and beyond for their guests.

When we started to get cold feet about how much we were going to spend on our honeymoon Teresa helped us budget a way to make it work to get our dream honeymoon. I've recommended this to everyone as they help you think through questions for your big week vacation that you don't think of! LOVE LOVE LOVE Honeymoon Islands - go to St. Barths as they REALLY know this island!

Jessica & Nick Sirikulbut

Caribbean - Lontz Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding Caribbean

My new husband and I have recommended Honeymoon Islands to at least four other couples (and counting!). We were THRILLED with our experience!!!!

Debra & James Lontz
Destination Wedding


Amalfi Coast - McGill Honeymoon

We truly had an amazing time at Villa Orion. Picking Concha dei Marini instead of Positano was BRILLIANT! It was out of the tourist traffic with a ton of local flavor and privacy. It couldn't have been a nicer trip. Teresa did an AMAZING job helping us plan our honeymoon in Italy! Hopefully we never have to plan another honeymoon but we'll DEFINITELY keep her in mind for future trips if we want them planned as attentively.

Gordon and Caroline McGill
New York, NY

Hawaii and Napa Valley - Beller Honeymoon

Our wedding planner recommended that we use Honeymoon Islands, and Teresa was wonderful in all stages of the honeymoon planning, booking, and travel process. She was incredibly responsive over email and was always happy to schedule a call with both my husband and I when we were sorting through various options. We used her to plan a trip to Napa and Hawaii and had a fantastic experience in both places. Her recommendation for a B&B in Napa (the Blackbird Inn) was especially wonderful - my husband and I thought the B&B was a steal for the price, which is really saying something in Napa Valley. When we decided at the last minute to change our departure date (wanting to see family on Sunday after our wedding), Teresa was able to change our entire itinerary for us without causing us any stress. Even more, when we missed our flight from San Fran to Kauai due to an accident on the Golden Gate Bridge, we were able to call Teresa and she helped us rebook our flight and contact our hotel about the late arrival. She is now helping us plan a trip for our one-year anniversary as well. Her service extends from your first contact with her throughout your entire trip, and she made our overall honeymoon experience as relaxing and stress-free an experience as possible.

Sean & Kate Beller

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