Caribbean Honeymoon: Joe & Krista Weisser

Amazing, quality and personalized travel itinerary you will not get on any travel website. Teresa made our honeymoon dreams come true! I was not an easy bride to work with, our honeymoon was something I dreamed of since the day we got engaged and in my mind it needed to be "perfect" even though I had no idea what that meant. I was indecisive and confused and didn’t know where to start.

From the minute my inquiry went out Teresa responded quickly, addressed every question of ours and even set aside time to have a phone date so she could hear our voices and become more personal. She was SO patient, worked with us for almost a year through phone calls and emails helping us sort through the Caribbean, Greece, Bora Bora etc..Always keeping in mind "who we were" and what we liked, respecting our budget and also helping us see the big picture at times.

Our honeymoon was island hopping and she helped us plan every detail to perfection. I will dream about our honeymoon for the rest of my life. Teresa also became a voice of reason at times by saying, “You have your whole life in front of you to explore the world”. Things you forget when honing in on too many details. I HIGHLY recommend leaving your trust in her hands, she will never steer you wrong. She has been all over and only knows the best of the best! Thank you Teresa from the bottom of our hearts. We LOVE you!

Joe & Krista Weisser, Seattle, WA