Honeymoon Belize - Coppola Resorts

Dear Teresa,

Jill and I can’t thank you enough for your assistance with the last minute planning of our honeymoon!   The Coppola Resorts were amazing and Belize is such a beautiful country (been to Belize before but don’t really count that visit). The resort had the right amount of adventures and relaxation for us. It was great going from Turtle Inn to Blancaneaux Lodge. I asked the Manager at Turtle Inn how many people do the resort “reverse” (Inn to Lodge) and he indicated about 10 percent. It was a wonderful decision because Blancaneaux Lodge was so private and was the perfect way to wrap up the trip. There is so much to cover I will just list a few out in bullets.

Turtle Inn:

1)     All the staff knows you by name
2)     Food was very good, everything from local cuisines to Indonesian cuisine
3)     Excursions were excellent – Snorkeling (swam with sharks, loggerhead turtles and stunning reefs) Monkey River tour (saw howler monkeys, alligators, tons for birds, snakes, etc...)
4)     AMAZING bungalows with thatched roofs, screened bathroom, and outdoor shower.

Blancaneaux Lodge:

1)     All the staff knows you by name
2)     Much smaller and more private resort
3)     Food was AMAZING… the lodge has a large garden they use to feed the guests. They even make Neapolitan pizzas!
4)     Excursions were excellent – Went to Caracol (Mayan archaeological site) by far the best archaeological site we have been too. We also did a canoe cave tour with was unique in its one right.
5)     Bungalow was overlooking a large waterfall.
6)     Toucans are flying all over the grounds (such a beautiful bird)
7)     Had a private dinner on the deck of our bungalow during sunset
8)     Since it’s in the mountains it was a little chilly. The turn down service puts warm water blatters in bed for you.

I could go on and on about the resorts! If any of your clients are the slightest bit adventures but want the 5 star resorts this is it!!!!! Both Jill and I realized immediately why there aren’t many photos on their website, it’s because they don’t want to ruin the picturesque grounds prior to your stay. One last note…. Even though the resorts are owned by Francis Coppola the management is separate. The resorts are 5 stars but you can see the settle differences from one resort to the other. Both resorts are totally different…. You can’t go to one and expect the experience the same thing.


Brice & Jill Reed
Virginia, USA