Riviera Maya and Belize - Shafton Honeymoon

While I organize our photos from Mexico and Belize, I'd like to provide my future brides and newlyweds with a little honeymoon planning tip... GET HELP! Unless you have super human powers, it is incredibly difficult to plan a wedding and a 2-week long vacation at the same time. Especially if your future spouse isn't a planner and you've been dreaming about your honeymoon since your very first plane ride.

So I reached out to Teresa of Honeymoon Islands. And I'm so glad I did. My initial research got us to the Riviera Maya. But Teresa got us to our accommodations. She gave us a list of special spots according to our personalities and travel desires. For instance, she knew that first thing after the wedding, we'd love The Viceroy in Playa Del Carmen due to its luxurious vibe and romantic seclusion. She was right. She knew we'd enjoy Blancaneaux Lodge and Turtle Inn, the two Coppola resorts in Belize because of their boutique feel and rustic charm. She was right.

Before we set off, she made us a detailed personalized itinerary with all of our confirmation numbers, contact information, and maps. This handy guide was a life saver. And with her connections in the industry, we got some perks! Special honeymoon treatment we wouldn't have gotten otherwise: rose petals and candles, a room upgrade, and complimentary massages.

But I have to say, the best part about working with her was the assurance that she had my back. Some billing problems came up a week before the wedding. She stepped in and took care of it. I sent her a frantic email from Tulum with worries about the Belize-to-Mexico transfer company not confirming our pick-up. She immediately called them from the States and within a few hours, they emailed me with an apology and and ended up arriving 15 minutes early.

Thank you again, Teresa, for all your advice and guidance. With your help, our honeymoon was just as we had dreamed.

Henry & Shannon Shafton

Seattle WA
Fall 2012