St. Barthelemy - Sirikulbut Honeymoon

Honeymoon Islands was the perfect resource for us to book our honeymoon. After doing quite a bit of research on our own we felt we knew the BEST resorts to choose from at St. Barths but didn't know if we were ready to do it financially. Honeymoon Islands helped us find the BEST deal on the Island and even worked to get us an upgrade while at Eden Rock! This resort is the finest and because of their relationship with Honeymoon Islands they go above and beyond for their guests.

When we started to get cold feet about how much we were going to spend on our honeymoon Teresa helped us budget a way to make it work to get our dream honeymoon. I've recommended this to everyone as they help you think through questions for your big week vacation that you don't think of! LOVE LOVE LOVE Honeymoon Islands - go to St. Barths as they REALLY know this island!

Jessica & Nick Sirikulbut

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