Bora Bora - Gibson Anniversary Celebration

My Wife and I traveled to Bora Bora in November 2011 for an early 10th wedding anniversary trip. All travel arrangements and bookings were done though Honeymoon Islands (though Teresa, the owner). The booking process was incredible easy, professional and fast. We knew we wanted to travel to Bora Bora, but didn’t know where to stay. Over a couple of days Teresa and I corresponded via email and in no time she had custom tailored a trip of a lifetime for us. Everything was booked, done and included. Several weeks before the trip we were sent all the itineraries, passport holder and information booklet. Professionally done to say the least! I cannot recommend Honeymoon Islands enough and will be using them for my future trips.

Four Seasons Bora Bora Review - 5 out of 5 stars

For the trip we spent 5 nights at the Four Seasons resort in Bora Bora. The resort is simply amazing. The grounds, facilities, people, food and activities are absolutely 5 star. We were picked up at the Bora Bora airport by the four seasons 30’s vintage boat and taken directly to the resort. Check in was being greeted with cool drink and literally in our overwater Bungalow with 5 minutes. It was simply amazing. We have stayed at many 5 star resorts in the Caribbean, Bahamas and Fiji and this easily passed them all. To sum up the experience – one day while have lunch we were talking to a visiting couple who had traveled throughout the south pacific. Their comment was “how do you take a vacation after this. It simply is all downhill after this.” If you can get to the Four Seasons – don’t miss it.

St. Regis Bora Bora Review – 4.5 out of 5 stars

After 5 nights at the Four Seasons we caught the quick boat ride to over to the St. Regis, for 5 nights there. This is the resort made famous by the “Couple Retreat” movie. The St. Regis itself is wonderful, and if you simply go there, you will be amazed, but my wife and I quickly were comparing it to the Four Seasons and it just wasn’t in the same class. The grounds, gym and accommodations were all a notch below the Four Seasons experience. They simply showed signs of wear and aging – where the four seasons showed none of that. The St. Regis did have an amazing lagoon to swim with fishes and a catamaran to use. But for the same price we would definitely stay at the Four Seasons over the St. Regis.

Anniversary Vacation to Bora Bora November 2011

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