Hawaii Honeymoon: Mr. & Mrs.Keane

Teresa was amazing to work with while planning our honeymoon. While we had a few ideas initially about where we wanted to go, she shared with us a variety of options, helped book our hotels and kept us in our price-range. She also helped steer us in the right direction for activities and made sure we got the real Hawaiian experience we were looking for. When our flight out was cancelled she was immediately available to contact the hotels, help with flight itineraries, and just listen while we waited for luggage after a 48-hour trip. It was very re-assuring to know someone was there to help us fix any problems during a 6 hour sit on the airport tarmac. I would highly recommend and use again for a future trip!

Alexandra & Ryan Keane, Massachusetts USA

Tony and Natalie Brown

We found Teresa after reaching out to several travel agents and really no decision on where we wanted to go for our honeymoon. After reviewing her website and reading her blog we knew her expertise is what we needed. After receiving a recommendation of St. Lucia, we spoke with Teresa about a recommendation of a luxury resort in St Lucia. After a little more research we decided we wanted to do something special, we shared our thoughts with Teresa and she came back with a few options for us to choose from. We selected a social/romantic resort for the first half of our trip, followed by an ultimate quiet luxury romantic resort for the two of us. We stayed at the Sandals Grande Resort St Lucia for 4 days and stayed at the world-renowned Jade Mountain Resort for 3 days. If you ever want to experience fairy tale luxury please try the Jade Mountain Resort, I would strongly suggest you reach out to Teresa to book your next special vacation - no matter what. The package she put together allowed us to enjoy luxury at its finest without breaking the bank. Honeymoon Islands definitely lives up to its mission statement "if you can dream it, we will create it" Thank you Teresa for making our honeymoon a trip we will never ever forget!!

Tony and Natalie Brown, USA

Nazi Massoumi

I have so many wonderful things to say that I don't even know where to begin. Honeymoon Islands was referred to us by a friend and travel enthusiast, when I expressed that I wanted to plan a trip and due to the fact that it was a multi-destination trip, I really wanted advice/suggestions on how to approach and plan the trip. I reached out to Teresa, who owns this travel service company, and immediately I knew that I was going to love working with her. She LISTENED to me speak, asked my vision for the trip, and gave me true and honest feedback and in areas where I was cloudy, she was able to clear the fog and help direct to me exactly what I was looking for.

I have to say that there are so many websites out there that allow us as travelers to pretty much book our own trips as we see fit and for the last 8 years, we have done just that. I can say that I will never plan another vacation without going through Teresa.

Within minutes of speaking to her on the phone, we had a tentative itinerary emailed to us, pricing and a selection of top-notch accommodations to choose from. When we needed to make changes, she made changes. When we were ready to move forward, she took care of all the payments and once all bookings were made, we received a professional, clean, ready-to-print personalized e-copy of our travel plans.

We traveled to Turks and Caicos and have priced this trip on our own before. Teresa actually managed to price this $2,000 less than we did. Now for our "story"... Enter our little emergency here. We were scheduled to fly out on a Sunday. Saturday afternoon, I discovered my passport was expired. Now enter pure panic. It's a Saturday...what can I do on a weekend? I emailed Teresa, and called her. She called me back within minutes (did I mention this was a Saturday?!). She could not do anything about my passport situation...she's not passport agent. But within a few days, she talked to the highest of the high decision makers at the resort we were planning to stay at for a week, convinced them to waive the 100% cancelation fee (in other words we did NOT lose our money), got us a reservation in the same room category just two weeks later, called the passport office with me on 3-way and ensured I got a reservation at our local passport agency so I could take care of an expedited renewal, re-arranged all our airfare, and 2 weeks later were sipping pina coladas on the powder-soft white sand beaches while electric teal-blue waters would kiss our toes. There is NO WAY that this resort would have allowed us to come back another week without any sort of penalty, and truthfully we would have lost all of our money had we booked independently rather than through Teresa. She's been in the business over 30 years and her reputation allowed for us to take our much needed trip.

We have another trip booked through Teresa for next year, and a few mini trips we are planning in between. She knows just about anything about any destination you can imagine, has suggestions on where to stay, what to see, what to visit, and what to avoid. She takes time on each phone call, sends detailed and thorough emails, and is so quick and responsive. I can't say enough good things about Honeymoon Islands!

Nazi Massoumi, Chantilly Virginia USA

St. Lucia Honeymoon: M/M Rodriguez

Working with Teresa (the owner of Honeymoon Islands) was great! She's very knowledgeable on the different locations. We ended up going with her recommendation of St. Lucia splitting the trip between Jade Mountain and Sandals Grande and was the BEST honeymoon we could ever hope for.  We will definitely be using her for future trips!

Emilio & Jessica Rodríguez   Washington D.C. 


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