Meet Our President

Teresa Belcher

As President, Teresa Belcher has been recognized by the travel industry as an expert in honeymoon planning. With over 30 years in the travel business and a penchant for all the best that life has to offer, Ms. Belcher streamlined her business to focus on luxury travel. Teresa is dedicated to creating the most memorable travel experiences for her clients by understanding their individual needs and matching those needs with the appropriate destination/venue. She travels the world over evaluating new locales to determine if they meet the high standards set forth by Honeymoon Islands and fostering relationships with property managers so as to better serve her clients.

Besides her love of luxury travel to destinations all over the world, Ms. Belcher is an avid animal lover and enjoys all the great things life has to offer; great food and wine, good friends and family. She especially loves dancing to the beat of good music! Surrounding herself with all the good things in life is what it is all about. "I strive every day to help others live their dream." She definitely lives the famous quote from Mark Twain, "Dance like there's nobody watching; love like you'll never get hurt. Sing like there's nobody listening; live like it's heaven on earth."

Ms. Belcher served on the Travel Advisory Board for Islands Magazine, Caribbean Travel & Life Magazine, Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Magazine, and Spa Magazine

Cities Ms. Belcher Has Visited

Map below illustrates Ms. Belcher's world travels.

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